tub soakWe read tips and trends for almost everything nowadays. From creating rain plans to ways if simplifying your seating arrangement..but what about reducing stress before you put on your wedding dress? So we started thinking about a few things that’ll put you in a state of zen before heading down the aisle:

  • Take a yoga class– One of the weddings we worked on last year hired a yoga teacher to come in and give the wedding party a class the morning of the wedding. So instead of fretting around the venue, they were downward dog on a yoga mat and getting in touch with their inner self. Taking a “me” moment is always a good thing, so how much better would it be with your girls and of course, your Mother??
  • A soothing soak- Could there be a more relaxing moment than lighting a few candles, filling up a gorgeous tub and sprinkling flower petals on the top? We don’t think so. Having a little pamper time to yourself is essential. It’ll give you the opportunity to do nothing, just be.  (Hint: Add some aromatherapy into the mix with skin soothing ingredients like lavender or chamomile.)
  • Get outside- Transparently on our wedding day, our Justice of the Peace was late. Did we panic? NO! We just boarded a boat and took a river trip. Now I realize not everyone has access to that kind of luxury on their wedding day, but there are walking trails and parks everywhere! Not a hiker? Pack a picnic and head off to a scenic view…pass the time by just watching the world!
  • Clear your schedule and say no- With all of the last minute tasks most couples face when planning their wedding, getting overwhelmed has become the acceptable norm. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Most family and friends want to share in the joy, so they don’t think about “schedules” when hosting dinners and parties leading up to the festivities. While celebrating is great, adding a long list of appearances leading up to your wedding day can create anxiety as it adds even more to your growing “to do” list.  So ask your family and friends to schedule any parties two weeks in advance or more, this will give you time to tend to any remaining wedding duties the week of your nuptials.
  • Make time for each other– Again, we see it time and time..and as a Mother, I completely understand. Parents want to spend every moment they can with you before the big day. And you’ll want to have moments with your parents because you’re getting married! But as a Planning service, we’d be remiss if we didn’t say that spending time with your fiance before you walk down the aisle is essential. Life gets busy, and it’ll never slow down. So take every moment you can to just be still in your love. Besides, that’s what all of this is about right?
  • Hire a Planner– Wedding pros will be the first to tell you stories about how they’ve had clients who ran non-stop on their wedding day and never enjoyed a moment. We hate hearing that story on a regular basis, it’s heartbreaking to us. All of the time spent in creating the perfect wedding day, but you’re so caught up in it that you can’t enjoy it! Believe me, there are planners that have offerings (Such as our Essential’s Package) that will help guide you through last minute wrap ups to reception coordination that’ll fit in almost every budget.

Just remember the reason..that’s the biggest tip here. You fell in love, and now you want to celebrate it! Looking for someone to help with de-stressing your wedding day? Give us a call or email info@positiveapproachevents.com to schedule a free consultation.

AUTHOR: Brandi Woodall
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