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Are you sticking with traditional printed invites & RSVP cards? Or maybe going with the convenience of online evite options? Whatever your style, these RSVP additions are sure to engage your guests & make them feel like an important part of your wedding day…all while making the planning process easier for YOU!

RSVP Deadline

I just want to start by saying DEADLINES ARE A MUST! No, they are not impolite. No, they are not pushy. It is an absolute necessity for your RSVP…no questions asked! Knowing an estimate of your guest count ahead of time will aide SO much during the planning process! Don’t forget to include a phone number, email or website URL if you are not using a return address. Trust us, if you are on the fence about adding a “Please Reply By” to your RSVP, ALWAYS CHOOSE YES!

 Number of Guests

 The more the merrier…but sometimes an invite to one person ACTUALLY means an invite to five.  Always include a number of guests line onto your RSVP to avoid random plus one (or plus four) surprises. This will especially help with invitations to those who are in relationships, married or have already started a family. “Of course you can bring the kids…just make sure to jot that down riiiight on that guest number line!” Your vendors will thank you for this!

Menu Items

Are you having more than one food choice or even completely different caterers at your wedding? Great! Guests will love the variety of options…& YOU will love having a rough estimate of how much of each to purchase! Have your guests mark their meal of choice onto their RSVP beforehand to avoid the worries of being short on food. Although some guests may dabble onto each side of the buffet table, a rough estimate is ALWAYS better than nothing!

Song Request

This idea has really taken off this wedding season, & its effect on guests is absolutely priceless! DJs and bands will typically have their own wedding playlists, but adding a song request to your RSVP is a way to avoid hearing the typical “Electric Slide” & “Cupid Shuffle” dance anthems. Add an “I Promise To Dance If You Play” line & watch your friends & family bust moves all night long. This addition will create memories that will last a lifetime!

 Marriage Tips

 No matter how long you have known or been in a relationship with your fiancé, it’s impossible to be completely prepared for marriage.  The changes & obstacles you will encounter are not scripted & can often come out of no where! It’s always helpful to receive advice from those who have been through or witnessed the life changes of marriage.  Adding a marriage tip line to your RSVP cards will create an easy-access tool you will appreciate for a lifetime!

 Recipe Card

Do you love to cook? Are you always looking to add new recipes to your cookbook? This idea will be PERFECT for you! Include a favorite recipe card with your invites & RSVPs & gain several new meal ideas for your newlywed years.  You will be thankful for the family favorite recipes you discovered on your wedding day!

 Photo Memory

 A tip for the crafty visionary! Including an optional “Please Return With Your Favorite Photo With Us” is an awesome & inclusive gesture for your guests. Each RSVP returned will be opened with a smile & a story to tell.  Create a board with these photos collected & add it to your home- the memories remembered will be nothing short of priceless!

Some necessary & some creative, these RSVP additions will ensure a smooth planning process & create memories that will last long after your big day…Check out our Pinterest for more RSVP & invitation design ideas!

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