Every bride and her wedding party all strive for the same result..a stress-free & memorable wedding day. The Fun Bride, however, strives to create a wedding that is an absolute blast for each & every guest in attendance! If you think of yourself as fabulous & fun, consider these five simple tips for your big day…


Go With The Flow

As a bride, it is SO easy to stress the small things. We begin to obsess over every detail, dress, guest and everything in between. Going with the flow doesn’t mean everything isn’t going to be perfect on your big day, it just means there will be minimal stress on the path to getting there! Remember all of your bridesmaids have different schedules & styles. Be open to unique dresses & color swatches, and don’t sweat it if everyone can’t make it to your pre-wedding events. Hire a planner or coordinator who shares your vision & is quick on her feet…someone who can create an even better visual if something isn’t coming together exactly as you imagined!

photo booth

Incorporate a Photo Booth

A Photo Booth is a MUST on your big day. You will treasure the pictures of family & friends at your wedding forever, so why not have a go-to station for your guests to strike a pose? Get with your photographer & create a simple photo backdrop with drapes, florals & fun props to match your personality & wedding theme.


Create A Wedding Day Playlist

You would be surprised how many couples end communication with their DJ or band after the hiring process…Although these musicians usually have their own pre-made wedding playlists, they should open to playing whatever you want to hear! Remember those songs you and your girls sang in your bedroom in high-school? The old-school bands your parents insisted you listen to that you secretly loved? The songs you and your future hubby belt in the car with the windows down? Add those! Make a list of your favorite go-to jams & give it to your DJ or band before your wedding day. This will ensure to keep you and all of your guests dancing until your send-off!

Dancing Shoes

Add a Dancing Shoes Station

Now that you’ve created your wedding day playlist & are certain to keep everyone on their feet, let’s ensure they will be comfortable while dancing the night away…a dancing shoes station is a simple & creative way to persuade your girls to kick off their stilettos without worrying about dancing barefoot. A basket of cheap flip-flops & a quirky sign are ALL you need to keep your guests happy while busting their best moves!

Food Truck

Hire a Late-Night Food Truck

You’re the fun bride right?! So we know you are expecting your guests to party until the AM, & let’s be honest…as soon as those drinks set in, so will the late-night munchies. Meet up with food-truck owners in your area, pick your fave & hire them to set-up at your wedding and sell the perfect late-night cravings. Maybe even keep this one a surprise…your guests will be especially grateful for this decision!

Good music, great food & even better dancing…who could ask for more?! Incorporate these 5 tips into your wedding day, and you are sure to be the most fun & happy bride of the year!

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