This post is brought to you by the “Day-Of” term that we hear most often in regard to “Planning”. To be clear, we aren’t really sure where the term originated from or when, but it’s been plaguing the industry for years. Why, you ask, does one simple phrase strike panic in a professional’s soul when it crops up in our inbox? Time my friends..time.

See, some folks look at “Day-of” Coordinators as a person they’re booking “time” with. But to the contrary, time is only a small part of what they should be looking for. Let me put this into perspective a little. You have a very expensive piece of jewelry on display in a public area…it’s your baby, something you’ve wanted to collect/have all of your life. But you can’t stand beside of it for 24 hours a day. So what are your choices? Do you want to, find a fella on the street who can do it on the cheap for a few hours, or should you hire a professional guard who is intent on keeping that coveted piece safe against all odds? Should be an easy choice huh?

Not so fast in the wedding industry! See, we’ve been told that having a “friend” oversee your day is a testimonial of their loyalty..and while that aspect might be true, it doesn’t speak to their competence. Let’s take the friend test shall we? It’s 10pm, your reception is rocking, and there is a problem in the kitchen. Since the cake cutting is now over, “Friend Planner” has had a couple of drinks and is shoes off on the dance floor with no concerns (she’s done her job). But a professional would be on guard (like the security staff they are) to oversee everything that crops up. Rings left in a hotel room? We’re on it, veil needed from the bridal suite..check? Drunk Groomsmen causing havoc for your pics? Would your friend even know where to begin with an emergency?

While having a well meaning friend or up and comer offer their time, it doesn’t provide you with professional know-how. I mean, I can look at a dripping faucet all day, doesn’t mean I can fix it. I can pretty up a table, but when the timeline gets out of order, can a non-pro figure out how to best get your day back on track so you can maximize each and every vendor to their service and time contracts? It’s a thing folks, and pros know how to do it. But you’ll pay more, and you should. You wouldn’t barter with someone for say medical treatment, or home why would you spend countless hours/months/dollars only to hand one of the most expensive investments over to someone who doesn’t have the experience in making sure your wedding runs smoothly?

OK..I’m stepping away from the soapbox because I know you get it. And for the up and comers out there, hey we all started somewhere. So find your passion, but value yourself and get that license and insure yourself. Invest in yourself and your clients will invest in you and your ability, because you are worth it.

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AUTHOR: Brandi Woodall
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