As we have moved into 2019, we wanted to reflect back on last year and show you a few of the new spaces and places we were privy to! So whether you’re looking for a group stay, reunion location, girl’s weekend or bachelor getaway, honeymoon destination, meeting and/or wedding..we have a few up-and-coming along with on-the-way venues to feature!

First up, we are SO excited for this long overdue feature: Junebug Retro Resort in Weaverville, NC

Recently an overworked wedding and event planner gathered with her friends (both overworked as well) and converged on a mountain getaway at the tail end of Fall 2018. Typically folks would looking into cabins, but not my creatively and extremely fashion forward gal Emily Danner!  And what a great choice in accommodations she made for us! She’s a realtor, so her expectations are pretty high..and she did not disappoint us with her choice!

The more we delved into the area (the Hubs and I travel TO Weaverville often, but haven’t stayed there), the more ecstatic us gals became about our stay. I mean, what’s not to love? Beautiful scenery, glamping with gal-pals and convenience…check, check, check! let’s talk a bit about the actual “glampground”. Junebug Retro Resort sits conveniently (literally) about a mile or so off of Intestate 26. Sidenote-As someone who previously stayed in a “glamping” location in nearby Marshall, let me start this journey by saying that finding the location quickly and easily (great signageby Junebug Retro Resort) is the first impression you can make on your guests. There was literally no guesswork. Plug the address into GPS and badda boom, badda bing..I was staring at their sign at a beautiful entrance.

I was the first of our group to make my way there, and was greeted by Charlene (Maven of JBRR)..she was fantastic. Approachable, down-to-earth, but most importantly full of info. She gave me a tour of the unit, we chose the Royal Spartanette. This unit slept 5, so with three gals and lots of snacks, beverages and luggage..that was the most logical unit for us busy bees. They were prepping for their last wedding of the season with Tom working on the gardens, but were always available for any questions we had.

Once everyone got unloaded, we decided on a dinner out at Stoney Knob Cafe, which never disappoints. I decided to drive over and did I mention convenience? It was literally a 7-minute drive to dinner. I mean, could this be any better? You feel like you are in the midst of the wilderness, albeit amazingly retro-fied, and then just a short trip and you’re near fine dining, shopping and the experience of Downtown Weaverville, NC.

Upon our return, I was taken in by every detail from the bedding to the outdoor bistro lighting that was perfectly appointed.  Truthfully, the one thing we worried about most (given my experience in other retro campgrounds) was being cold at night. SO not the case, the heat was perfect in the unit. As a matter of fact, coupled with the warm quilted bedding, we opted to turn the thermostat back!

Being the brave soldier that I am, btw, I decided to head out for a walk to the restroom around midnight. Kinda freaked my fellow glampers out, but the area was so well lit. And if I haven’t said so, absolutely clean. The paths are cleared and wide, even the trash can areas is super clean I noticed as I came up to the bathhouse.

So let me tell you about the bathhouse. It was stunning! The HUGE subway tiled showers with glass doors, music playing with the overhead system, dual sinks and large mirror, as well as the large bench that made it easy to store your things for a quick change. It was fantastic and I couldn’t get over that is was a camper, or a bathhouse. Having spent many years camping in state parks, this was quite the unexpected elegance you’d find in a bathhouse at any other campground.

We got up early the next morning, made some coffee (thanks to all of the amenities that were at the camper) and checked out the resort. Emily and I took a walk over the creek and checked out the garden areas. It was so calming and serene. I looked back across the creek at the campers and was taken by how large the lawn area was and how I could absolutely see children playing, yard games, live was such an inspiration to my creative brain.

And speaking of creative brain, Leanne Stent, our third and uber-talented photographer friend took a few moments to capture a few images of our stay. Let me just tell you, her pictures are SO much better than my gallery, seriously I’m so “facebook official” with my pics. But that’s what was so wonderful about Junebug Retro Resort. We were so busy just being..and it felt amazing. We unplugged, hung out, took time to breathe and enjoyed our getaway in beautiful location.

So to wrap up, I would highly recommend this location for an event or wedding. I hear their location is becoming quite the attraction for weddings in 2019! But even more, it was great for a week day getaway for friends. For those of us who are self-employed, we often find weekends to be monopolized by work, so this was a great respite.


Junebug Retro Resort

355 Clarks Chapel Rd
Weaverville, NC 28787
+1 (828) 208-1979




AUTHOR: Brandi Woodall
  • Looks like a great place for an adventure-minded event or bachelorette weekend!

    January 7, 2019

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