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Learning the Lingo, ever have questions about the difference in levels of service? 

So you’ve inquired about packages with a Wedding Planner and you have NO idea what the package terms mean right? We live in our own little “industry” world, and sometimes forget that we’re speaking a whole other language to people who may have never even spoken about weddings before! SO..we’re giving you a break down of the package terminology below!

Consultation- This is effectively a meeting with a Planner. As technology use increases in the industry, consultations can be remote (think Skype, Face Time, or even Marco Polo) or if you are working with a local Planner, consultations will happen face-to-face more than likely in either an office or a public space. At Positive Approach Weddings and Events, we are blessed to have studios in both Johnson City, Tennessee and Nashville, Tennessee and we keep them stocked with beverages, snacks and have the fastest internet in the area along with a few office options. This way we can sit down and look through images, put together ideas and even have meetings with your other vendors.

Management- Management is the ability to handle tasks, and if you’re the type of couple who has made all of your vendor selections, created your own timelines, and have your logistics in place, Wedding Day Management is what you’re looking for. In a nutshell, you’re hiring a professional (cough, cough..inert us here) to handle your task list for the day. Now that won’t usually include tables/chairs/backdrops being set up, those are big labor items which usually can be added. Often times, it is only a brief introduction and only Wedding Day vendor communication in lieu of on-going contact with your vendors. We offer an Essential’s Package that focuses more on the details like following your preset timeline, keeping your wedding party on-time, placing linens, putting out ceremony details (think sand ceremony or guest book) and items like your bridal photos and even arranging your send-off items (examples-sparklers or bubbles). Reception coordination is always included, but Rehearsal/Ceremony coordination is general an add-on option.

Coordination- Think of this stage in Wedding Planning as your Dance Class. You know the basic moves, but need help putting them in an order or choreography that creates magic! Most Coordinators will meet with you multiple times, have checklists and help you juggle communication, help with any logistical feedback and of course, handle your Wedding Day Management as well. Most coordination packages will include meetings for a venue walk through, timeline creation, and directors for your rehearsal/ceremony coordination.  Did you know that Positive Approach Weddings and Events has created a 60+ page workbook created specifically for our Month-Of Clients?’s a great way for you to keep your correspondence in one handy place plus be able to make the most out of the planning process with suggestions, and even seating charts!

Full Service Production- You’re busy right? Work a lot, travel a lot, or maybe you just don’t want to stress a lot. Maybe you don’t want to deal with the communication, the timelines or even some of the decisions. Then a Full Service Production is what you need in your life. Planners offering this package will offer not only face-to-face support, but meet several times with your venue, vendors, double check your contracts (even help you procure your vendors) and create the wedding day look based on your wedding ideas. They’ll have resources for rentals, music, entertainment; ideas for your decor, a team of staff to oversee the setup of your details for your ceremony/reception, reserve room blocks, coordinate your transportation and even make sure that your Best Man is ready when it’s time for the toast! At Positive Approach Weddings and Events, we offer a client management portal so we can communicate with our clients and as well as their vendors to create a fluid day that will flow like perfection for our clients!

We understand that it can all get really wonky, so don’t hesitate to reach out for help or clarification! For more information on our packages or to schedule a consultation (see above), check out our CONTACT US or give us a call! Are you stressed, or just want to avoid getting there? What are you waiting for?

AUTHOR: Brandi Woodall
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