Your wedding day should be beautiful & enjoyable – never hectic & stressful. We know you want everything to run smoothly, so make sure to apply these 4 tips into your planning process to avoid distractions & delays on the big day!


Set a Point-Of-Contact

We know you love your family, & we know they love you too! But let’s be honest…you haven’t spoken to Aunt Betty from Baltimore since 2011, yet all of a sudden she has a million ideas in place for YOUR day. Dodge the suggestions being thrown your way from relatives by choosing one family member or friend – other than your planner – to be the point of contact throughout your planning process. Have them collect & consolidate ALL of your family’s ideas, pick & choose the ones you are interested in, & then have them break the news to your fam.  This will prevent hours of pointless conversation & leave more time for you to  design your own day with your own style!


Double Check Event Staff

Ending communication with your event staff after the hiring process & expecting everything to run smoothly is a BIG mistake. Double-check EVERYTHING – & we mean EVERYTHING! Write a list with your planner or POC including every single service you are expecting – serving, bussing tables, setup & teardown, cake-cutting, etc.  If it turns out your event staff doesn’t cover everything you need, go with a different company or designate friends & family to manage the missing areas. Get everything promised in writing ahead of time. This will ensure you will not have to lift a finger during your celebration!


Avoid Day-Of Changes

We get it – not everything always turns out how we expect. The cake platter doesn’t match the place settings, the flowers don’t fit into the vases & the vision is just NOT coming together as you expected. We can’t promise everything will be exactly as you imagined, but we CAN promise that mistakes & mishaps are less likely if you plan EVERYTHING ahead & avoid any day-of changes.  Get with your venue & decide on the earliest time you can setup – maybe even the day before!  Get all of your decor & design items together & in place as early as possible. Coordinate a complete run-through at your rehearsal with your wedding party & do your best to prevent the stress of last-minute changes!


Allow Clean-Up Time

If bridesmaids, groomsmen or family members are willing to help setup & teardown the day-of wedding decor, make sure to allow time for clean-up before the ceremony! Leave your hair-stylists & make-up artists enough time between setup & seating to finalize each & every bridesmaid.  Avoid scrambling while guests are arriving by allotting several hours before the ceremony to setup & perfect decor,  table design, food tables, etc. Keep your wedding party members happy by ensuring they will have enough time to get ready & look their best for your big day!

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