Greenery is everywhere. We are used to seeing it used as a filler flower, but we absolutely LOVE using greenery as a staple piece all on its own. We have rounded up four of our favorite types of greenery, perfect for any wedding or gender neutral celebration.  Place settings, table runners, hanging hoops – whatever your style, greenery will add the perfect touch of color & nature to your next event!



With sturdy but easy to manipulate stems, eucalyptus is a perfect choice for table arrangements, bouquets, personal flowers, garlands & more. It will add texture & depth to your decor & matches with any theme you choose for your wedding.


Honey Bracelet

Its woody stems provide excellent shape and figure to arrangements, while its soft & flexible needles lend a beautiful, woodsy vibe to flower crowns & circlets. This greenery matches perfect with almost every type of summer wildflower!


Leatherleaf Fern

Leatherleaf is a perfect base for almost any arrangement.  Its lush, deep green coloring & leather-like feel add a nice texture to bouquets, place settings, or any table decor. Perfect for any summer or tropical themed event!



Myrtle greenery serves as wonderful decorative filler. Its dense foliage covers the entire length of the stem. Use Myrtle by itself or combine it with any floral arrangement to create unique and romantic wedding decor.

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