Virtual Wedding Planning

We’ve officially joined the future of wedding planning! As we wrap up 2018 and reflect on our weddings, we realized that many of our brides were residents in other areas opting to get married in our region. SO with that in mind, we researched and decided what better time than to embrace the future and offer a Virtual Wedding Planning Package!

What does that mean exactly? Let’s face it, with options like google and pinterest, long distance brides can find many options or ideas to plan a wedding. They may even be able to connect with vendors. But wouldn’t it be great to KNOW that the decisions you’re making (and in what order) are right? Cue professional planner…

We have worked and executed HUNDREDS of weddings in 12 years. One thing we look for is common themes, but not necessarily in regard to design. Over the years we have had clients ask us for primarily the same sort of services in regard to a minimal package. Most of the time it’s more guidance so that they can feel confident in the choices they are making.

And even now with the ever growing world of technology, weddings can’t be overseen by a computer. That’s where a pro comes in handy. We can look over the details, put together what we call a roadmap (a personalized checklist and month-to-month guide) to keep you on track based on your wedding date. General checklists are fine, but all too often you’ll notice things that either are extremely dated or items that don’t apply. So we like to gather as much data as we can and create something that is specific to your wedding planning journey.

Virtual can be either communicating during a stream like Skype or even a conversation on the really is about what’s convenient for our client. We’ve found this to be the most difficult for clients who travel. Trying to pull together all of the team members of their weddings for one specific meeting date, especially on a working weekend, can be impossible! With the use of technology, meetings can happen during the day, evenings and even weekend!

And even though we offer a Virtual Package, we do include ceremony coordination and even Wedding Day Management for local weddings at a reduced rate as well! So you get consultations AND someone to oversee your vendors for the wedding.

Did you know that face-to-face consultations are more costly? That’s right..if a planner travel to a meeting, the chances are, it will cost more as they are allotting the time not just to meet, but to travel. So what clients think may be a one hour consultation is really two or more hours in a billing process. No travel means less cost to the Planner resulting in savings to couples who are planning a wedding!

As we look to the future, we’d like to reflect once again on 2018 and thank all of our amazing clients! We had so many wonderful moments this last year (we’ll recap in January). We are ready for 2019, are you? If not, check out our contact page and we can schedule a call to talk about your wedding needs!

AUTHOR: Brandi Woodall
  • Brandi, this is an amazing service for brides!! Over the last year I have learned how much can really be done online, but you are still adding the personal connection that is super important!

    December 28, 2018
  • Amanda

    Such a cool idea!! Can’t wait to see what 2019 brings!!

    December 29, 2018
  • Katy Sergent

    This will be so amazing for destination brides and more! Such a great idea!

    December 29, 2018

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